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    Sky-ground building consisting of a basement and four above-ground floors...
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Astebook, the platform dedicated to electronic judicial sales, which since 2012 has been constantly striving to make the judicial auction sector simpler, safer, more accessible and more transparent.
Accredited at the Ministry of Justice and included in the list A of the Ministry of Justice for legal advertising, Astebook has also obtained the Legality Rating from the Antitrust Authority.

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At the side of those who want to buy

Astebook has created a place where everyone can participate in online auctions with maximum assistance and total transparency, without concerns related to technological limits and understanding of procedures, but with maximum security given by a proven system of internal controls.

Maximum assistance and maximum transparency

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Management and advertising servicesA complete service offer

Astebook has refined over the years a service offer for the Justice and Credit Institutions divisions to manage all the activities related to the auction procedures and to obtain a maximization of the results.

The services offered start from management of advertising on institutional channels (PVP) to the total management of assets: inventory, evaluation, custody and management of goods visits for interested parties.

The experience gained in the promotion and propagation of auction announcements has led Astebook to obtain a substantial increase in the amounts obtainable and a reduction in resolution times, all for the benefit of creditors who can in this way obtain a better economic result and in less time.
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For a total transparency

To offer a service in step with new technologies and increasingly transparent, during 2019 Astebook launched the Astebook by Blockchain project.

This new data management and certification model implemented by Astebook requires that each auction and each auction process is written on Ethereum's public blockchain, a public and immutable database, so as to allow anyone at any time to access and view the outcome of each individual auction session, with all the information that is difficult to retrieve and verify until today.
Data traceability
The blockchain allows you to create a secure database, starting from data sharing open to the public, without intermediaries, thus preserving the history of the activities performed and allowing everyone to be able to verify the validity of the chain on all the blocks of the network, so to guarantee total transparency.

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